Inclusive Innovators have sustainable business models that widen social impact by growing the economy. These companies are tapping into the pool of usable and science and technologies to offer affordable products and services, to create work and business, avoid technological unemployment and deliver a positive impact to the livelihood of all

Financial Inclusion

Selected inclusive innovators use technology to allow access on an affordable basis to banking, credit, payment solutions
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Matching skills

Selected inclusive innovators that use technology to match skills with work opportunities, offer skills training for careers of the fourth industrial revolution and contribute to skills and talent development
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Impact on Health

Selected inclusive innovators that use technology  with an impact on the health of a large number of people, bringing healthcare to excluded populations and social inclusion for the disabled
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Improving Agriculture

Selected inclusive innovators that use advanced technology to improve agricultural revenues and include more farmers
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Innovation for a cleaner world

Selected inclusive innovators that use advanced technology to improve the environment and bring energy and water to excluded populations
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accelerating inclusive innovaton

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